Waverly Road Presbyterian Church COVID -19 Service Guide


  • If you are at risk, you are highly encouraged to stay home.
  • If you feel ill or have been around someone who has been ill, please stay home.
  • Bring your mask with you.


  • All entrances, bathrooms and the sanctuary will be cleaned and sanitized on Friday before worship.
  • 45 minutes before worship all doors that will be used (main narthex, sanctuary, and hallway doors) will be propped open and an usher will stand at main entrance.
  • An usher will be stationed in the upper parking lot to keep it available for those who have mobility issues and to greet those who are walking in.
  • Masks will be available for any who do not have one or who forgot theirs. An usher who is wearing gloves will hand the masks out as needed.
  • Masks must be worn at all times unless you are a worship leader standing 6 feet from someone.
  • Hand sanitizer will be placed in many areas. Congregants are encouraged to clean their hands (either with hand sanitizer or with soap and water) upon entering the building.
  • Bulletins will be placed in seating areas.
  • Ushers will walk participants into the sanctuary and to their seat. The Sanctuary will be filled from front to back.
  • Once the sanctuary is filled to capacity then ushers will direct those who wish to worship to the overflow area that will be set up in the fellowship hall. Once that area has been filled then ushers will need to turn away anyone who wishes to come, directing them to the church website which will have links to the streamed service.


  • There will be no congregational singing during the service.
  • Masks shall be worn during the service.
  • Bulletins should either be taken with congregants when they leave or left in pew for disposal later.
  • No offering will be taken during the service, a basket or plate will be left in the narthex for people to place offerings.


  • For communion, congregants will be encouraged to bring their own elements. We will have pre- packaged elements available for anyone who is unable to do this or forgot.


  • Ushers will dismiss the congregation beginning with the back of the sanctuary and working to the front.
  • Any paper left in pews will be left for the sexton to remove on Monday.


Click on either link for online Sunday Worship Services: