Church Library

Our church library, open during regular church hours, is located on the main floor, Room 103. It is a beautiful, peaceful place that is filled with resources for adults regarding personal growth, spiritual maturity, and fun fiction and videos. Also, our worship services on CDs are available using the sign-out sheet.

Youth Library

The Youth Library is located on the 2nd floor in the Youth Suite.

Children's Library

The Children’s Library is located downstairs in the Church Library in Room 103.

Library Procedures

The library is open whenever the church is open. Books can be kept one month. It operates on a self-checkout system: There is a checkout card in the pocket at the back of the book. Write your name on the checkout card, then place it in the appropriate category in the checkout box on top of the card catalog table. There is a basket on the card catalog table where you can place all materials you are returning.

There are separate checkout boxes and return locations in the children’s and youth libraries.