Missions: Throughout the World

Missions, for us, is about reaching beyond our community and loving our world. Look below to learn more about how we support missions around the globe.

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North America

5-Cents-A-Meal Offerings and Special Offerings

The purpose of Cents-Ability is to get individual families involved in contributing to a larger corporate effort to fight hungera. Like other congregations, WRPC invites every member of all ages to contribute and collect a few cents at every meal throughout each month. This simple act is an expression of thanks for what we have received. Members bring their offerings to church one Sunday a month. "Churches are encouraged to regularly participate in the 5-Cents-A-Meal Special Offering that is used exclusively to assist Holston Presbytery congregations in their local and international hunger relief ministries. Since its inception, Holston Presbytery congregations have collected and distributed more than $1.5 million for local and international food relief!"

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One Great Hour of Sharing (Season of Lent) - Through this longstanding, ecumenical effort, Presbyterians share God's love through ministries that provide relief to those affected by disasters, food for the hungry, and support toward the self-development of poor and oppressed communities.

Pentecost (Season of Pentecost) - This offering allows us to invest in the faith formation of one of the church's greatest resources - our youth.  The offering supports youth initiatives in our own congregation and around the globe.

Peace & Global Witness (Season of Peace) - This offering shares the peace of Christ by promoting ministries of reconciliation and peace within cultures of violence and conflict, including our own.

Christmas Joy (Season of Advent and Christmas) - This offering provides financial assistance to individuals and families who have dedicated their lives to the church and supports leadership development and education for students attending Presbyterian-related racial ethnic schools and colleges.

Central America

Osman Hope - Honduras

Osman Hope provides a positive, lasting impact in the lives of impoverished children with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. The organization works with local churches to nourish young bodies, minds and spirits by providing Christian care, and provide encouragement for education and leadership training that teaches life skills. This ministry was founded by Peter Borg of Kingsport.

Funding from WRPC has been used to sponsor individual children and shelters which provide after-school meals, care and educational support. Several church members participated in a mission trip to Honduras, where we worked with children at shelters and helped repaint an area of one of the the shelters.

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Families Involved Serving Humanity (FISH) - Nicaragua

FISH proclaims the Gospel of Jesus and provides educational, medical, emergency and pastoral assistance to impoverished people in Nicaragua.

We provide financial support for this organization, which was founded by Kingsport’s own Jim and Sandy Barker.

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South America

PC(USA) Young Adult Volunteers - Alyson Miller in Peru

Alyson Miller, who grew up in WRPC, worked through the PC(USA) Young Adult Volunteer in Peru with an organization called Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope). This organization works with oppressed and marginalized communities, specifically indigenous communities, women, children, and environmental protection. Alyson was part of two projects: Mujeres Emprendedoras (women's entrepreneurship) and Educacional Interculteral Bilingue (Multicultural Bilingual Education).

“This experience would not have been possible without the support of WRPC! WRPC has been such an important influence in my faith journey and in my passion for missions. I feel blessed and comforted to have the support of my family at WRPC, who have financially sponsored my year as a YAV, and who have shown me love and encouragement through prayers and through personally reaching out to me during my time here.”

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Northumbria Community Retreat Center and Mother House (called “Nether Springs”) – Northumberland, England

Northumbria Community provides a world-wide ecumenical Christian community with resources to allow guests to explore, grow and deepen their relationship with Christ. Rev. Catherine Clasen Askew, who grew up in WRPC and later served as associate minister, is chaplain-in-residence at Northumbria. Her husband, Rev. Pete Askew, is overseer-in-residence.

A gift from WRPC is being used to provide library resources in the areas of Christian discipleship and spiritual formation for the Community’s retreat center, where people from all over the world are welcomed. Retreat participants seek God by employing a daily monastic rhythm.

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East Africa Maasai, The Antioch Partners

The Antioch Partners (TAP) is a missionary-sending agency which partners with local Presbyterian churches in the U.S. in sending followers of Jesus to participate in God’s mission in the world. Our support is for Rev. Dr. Fred Foy Strang and his wife, Cecily. Fred is working in the areas of training local Christian leaders and the development of the Oldoinyo Kiti training center on the Kenya-Tanzania border. Cecily, an R.N., is working with Maasai people and others in community health with special focus on malaria care.

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Moyo wa Afrika – Tanzania, Africa

Moyo Wa Afrika’s mission is to increase access to education and health services for people from remote villages in Tanzania, while focusing on community-initiated projects and working closely with local leaders and organizations.

WRPC’s financial support and fund-raising auction has helped founder Karah Germroth (whose home church is WRPC) establish an organization that helps local people by making linkages to services. Results include free medical clinics, coverage of transportation costs for medical patients, secondary school sponsorships, job-readiness training and business / economic empowerment activities for women in remote villages. There is also shoe distribution for students and various elements of school support.

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Mission: Hope - Congo-Kasai

Mission Hope: goes into remote areas of the world to anchor healthy, sustainable communities of faith.

WRPC's financial support has helped enable Mission: Hope to send mission teams into unreached parts of the world to provide medical aid, construction projects, Vacation Bible Schools and educational and trade school initiative.  Specifically, in the Congo, Mission: Hope has fought disease such as river blindness, tuberculosis, leprosy and HIV,  Mission: Hope has also established sewing schools for single mothers and installed systems to provide clean water. 

Evangelism is always a part of the Mission: Hope work.  Jimmy Shafe is the Mission: Hope Congo Director.  A WRPC mission team visited children in the orphanage, painted, and toured hospitals and universities to determine needs.

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Butoke Nutrition Center - Congo

Butoke Nutrition Center is located in Tshkaji, Democratic Republic of Congo but the nearest larger city is Kananga located in Kasai province.

Butoke provides for poor people in the Democratic Republic of Congo in four areas: Education, Health Care, Nutrition and Food Security and Protection.  Part of their mission is to educate and raise funds among foundations, organizations and individuals in the United States for a humanitarian, nongovernmental organization entitled “Butoke”.  Butoke ministers to victims of poverty, oppression and abuse in areas of Food Security and Nutrition, Education, Access to Health Care, Malnutrition, Care of Those with Disabilities, and Human Rights.

WRPC provides financial support to Butoke Nutrition Center so they can make a great difference in the lives of the orphans, school children, and the sick and elderly.

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Reformed Church of Japan – Kobe, Japan

Bill and Ann Moore have served people in mission with the Presbyterian Church (USA) in partnership with the Reformed Church of Japan in Japan since 1985.

Our annual funding has helped allow Bill and Ann to work in new church development and evangelism. Bill is also Administrator of Yodogawa Christian Hospital in Osaka and head of the Hospital’s chaplaincy program.

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Aashish Presbyterian Church – Katmandu, Nepal

The Aashish Presbyterian Church conducts Christian worship services and outreach, including providing Nepali language Bibles and the Shorter Catechism to members and friends. Pastor Mahendra Bhattarai is a national leader in bringing Christianity to people across Nepal, which is predominantly Hindu and Buddhist. According to Disciple All Nations, Nepal has the fastest growth rate of Christianity in the world today.

We have provided funding for operation of the church and its ministries across Nepal, as well as disaster relief to help feed the hungry and rebuild homes after the 2015 earthquakes. Our mission groups attend services at the church when in Nepal.

Annapurna Panchakanya Primary School - Nepal

This primary school is in a poverty-ridden region of Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world. The school has students in kindergarten through fifth grade who are not able to afford a few dollars a month for tuition in private schools. A key need for these students is to get a good foundation in “business English” to give them the language skills needed to obtain meaningful, sustained employment in the tourist trade, helping to break the cycle of poverty in their area.

Since 2008, WRPC has financed a qualified English teacher at the school. Church members have made two mission trips to the school, providing needed clothing and recreational equipment to the children, installing skylights to improve lighting in the school, and piping clean drinking water to the school. In 2015, we provided funds to build a replacement school after the original building was destroyed by devastating earthquakes.

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Spreading the Word

Love Packages

Headquartered in Butler, Illinois

Love Packages is an organization that places Christian literature and Bibles into the hands of people around the world.

WRPC collects used Christian literature that is distributed to English-speaking Christian pastors, teachers and leaders in countries where such literature is not easily available. Our collection is part of the 20 million tons shipped each week by the Love Packages organization to feed the word of God to hungry hearts throughout the world.

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